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Yuxi cement tile making machine adopts the most advanced Italy technology, and the cement tile machine can be customized according to your requirements. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!Color terrazzo tiles and cement roof tiles, products of Yuxi-600 Cement Tiles Making Machine, can replace the granite geostrophic and marble tiles, mainly used for laying city sidewalks, square ground, etc., which are ideal ground materials to improve the taste of the city.


Provide Customized Products According To Customers' Demand● High degree of automation, simple operation, 2-3 people is enough for operation.
● Yuxi cement tile press machine is with advantages of low cost, small labor intensity, low energy consumption and no pollution.
● Accuracy product appearance size, high pressure resistant, high strength, various patterns.

Production line

Raw material hoist → Forced mixer → Quantitative feeding machine →Terrazzo brick molding machine → Grinding stone brick machine → Forming

Best-selling Floor Tile Making Machine
Related Pressure 320Tons Product Specification Max 600*600 mm
Production Capacity 4--6 pcs/min Weight 5.8 Tons
Power 7.5 KW Dimension 3100*1500*2600 mm

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