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What Kind Of Terrazzo Tile Making Machine Do YUXI Supply?

We can provide you concrete floor tile making machine, interlocking tiles making machine, concrete/cement tiles making machine, chequered tiles machine, paving tile making machine, cement/concrete roof tile machine, terrazzo tile mold, etc.

What Are products Of YUXI Terrazzo Tile Making Machine?

Color terrazzo tiles, products of terrazzo tile press machine, include concrete floor tiles, cement roof tiles, paving tiles, interlocking tiles, chequered tiles, etc., mainly used for laying city sidewalks, square ground, indoor ground, to improve the taste of the city’s most ideal laying on the ground material. By changing the mould, floor tile making machine can produce many sizes of terrazzo tiles according to your demands and the thickness and weight can also be adjusted.

What Are The Raw Material And Usage Of Terrazzo Tile Making Machine?

Raw material: Cement, Gravel , Stone Powder , pigment, which is very cheap and easy to find.
Usage: square, sidewalk, subway, indoor and outdoor flooring, roadside, roof.

What’s The Size Of Terrazzo Tiles YUXI Can Provide?

300*600mm and so on. All of the thickness of terrazzo tiles can be adjustable.

What Is The Work Flow Of Interlocking Tiles Production Line?

Raw Material → Bucket Elevator → Vertical Mixer → Doser → Interlocking Tiles Making Machine → Natural Maintenance → Terrazzo Polishing Machine → Finished Products

What’s The Output Of Paving Tile Making Machine Every Day?

5-7pcs every minute, around 3000PCS every day.

How Many Workers Should Be Used To Operate The Floor Tile Production Line?

2-3 workers will be OK in the floor tile making machine production line.

How About The Installation? Can You People To Our Country To Install? How Many Days Will Be Taken For Installation?

We can send our technicians to your country to lead the installation. And if your plant and power conditions are meet the requirements, 1 week is enough.

What Can YUXI Do For The Customers?

♥. Select the suitable machine for customers.
♥. Designing and manufacturing machines according to customers’ demands.
♥. Demonstrate and testing the processing line on spot.
♥. We provide free training and free design and we are able to send technician to help you install the Tile forming machine.

Can We Come To Your Production Site To See The Running Of The Machine? How Can We Get To Your City?

Yes, of course, you are always welcome to visit our factory, we can show you any of our customer’s production site to give you a clearer image of our brick machine.
You can take plane to Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport, we can pick you up there.

If you want to learn more about terrazzo tile making machine and service, feel free to contact us.

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