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What Should Avoid When Operating Floor Tile Making Machine?

Floor Tile Making Machine Introduction

By changing the mould, floor tile making machine can produce many sizes of floor tiles, and the thickness and weight can be adjusted by adjusting the quantitative cup. And it has the advantages of high degree of automation and simple operation.

6 Notes For The Operation Of Floor Tile Making Machine

1. First of all, safety first of course, so the operators must wear rubber boots and good insulating gloves.
2. The concrete tiles produced by concrete tile making machine should reach the design strength 70% ~ 70% when processing the grinding.
3. Before operating the terrazzo tile making machine, check and make sure that the joins are fastened. Besides, hit the equipment, if there’s no crack, there will be a loud noise.
4. It is necessary for the electric circuit to use four core cord climatic type of insulation resistance. And the electric switch shoud adopt the push button switch, so as to the device on the handle of the cement tiles making machine.
5. Cable should be set up from the ground, and it can not drag on the surface. What’s more, cable should be without any breakage and keep good maintenance earthing.
6. It is necessary for the handle of the interlocking tiles making machine to set insulation pipes. The line should use zero maintenance, and the contact should more than two. And it must be installed with leakage apparatus maintenance, leakage current should not be larger than 15mA, and the action time should be less than 0.1s.

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