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What Are The Features Of Terrazzo Tile Machine?

Terrazzo Tile Machine Supplier

Terrazzo tile making machine is the latest equipment developed by Yuxi. It is mainly used to manufacture high-end terrazzo tiles, floor tiles, interlocking tiles, cement/concrete tiles, etc. As a professional floor tiles making machine manufacturer, Yuxi will introduce the features of this equipment.

Five Features Of Terrazzo Tile Machine

1. Quick automatic molding, high production efficiency, reliable in performance.
2. Imported hydraulic components. Moulding speed of interlocking tiles making machine can be up to 5-6pcs/min.
3. PLC controlled and convenient to operate.
4. Filter type high pressure molding. By changing molds, cement tile mkaing machine can produce roof tiles, floor tiles and many other terrazzo tiles with high strength and accurate dimensions.
5. All of the parts of concrete tile making machine are precision finished, adopted cast steels and other high quality steels. With features of high compression strength, high resistance to deformation, stable performance, firm and durable.

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