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The Quality Of Terrazzo Tile Machine Produced By Yuxi Machine

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When the customers are buying terrazzo tile machine, quality is the most important factor that they care about. As for each components of the product and every detail problem, we can can guard a pass strictly, and adopt the best equipment and technology.


The Quality Of Terrazzo Tile Machine Produced By Yuxi Machine

1. The whole floor tiles making machine uses PLC operating system, full automatic computer operation interface, realizing computer analysis, which can eliminate breakdown in time to assure equipment is in normal operation.
2. The workbench face broadens the scope of interlocking tiles making machine, and has more precise operating sequence, increasing facility work precision while improve efficiency.
3. Use computer to control the pressure discharge of hydraulic system of concrete tile machine, achieving perpendicular synchronism, frequency conversion and stop a machine by cutting off the power. When using pressurization excess oil fluid, its changeover becomes oscillatory force, which can reduce cost thereby.
4. Hydraulic pressure system uses buffer, in order to assure the smooth job of product line and reduce noise.
5. The cement tiles machine is equipped with automatically feeding device, accomplished along with with follow, ensuring of goods of cement floor tile pledge and measure.


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