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Technical Procedures Of Cement Tiles Machine

Technical Procedures Of Cement Tiles Machine Before Operation

Some technical procedures should be done in grinding operations of cement tiles machine to meet the design strength. Before operation, you should check and confirm the connector is fastened, in case tap millstone occurred when a mallet ringing sound without crack. Cable should be set up from the ground, and it also can not drag on the ground. Besides, the cable should be with no breakage and have good grounding protection.

Rotating Direction And Cooling Job For Cement Tiles Machine

After the power supply, water and white background pressure are lifted off the ground to make a millstone, start the motor of terrazzo tile machine again. Ensure the rotating direction of the floor tiles making machine to be consistent with the direction indicated by an arrow. After being properly functioned, slow down the equipment for working. As for the cooling job, continuous cooling water shall not be used because the working site should be dry.

Technical Procedures Of Cement Tiles Machine When Downtime

After beating sound job, if a millstone has been found, stop overhaul immediately. After downtime, should firstly improve the interlocking tiles machine to turn it off. For the new terrazzo tile machine, should be with diamond cutting, grinding, and then put in working site. After operation, cut off power supply, clean the different parts of the mud, and place it in a dry place. Before using long-stalled reoccupy machinery, besides the necessary machinery repair and maintenance, it must be measured the insulation resistance of the motor.

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