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Standard Operation Of Terrazzo Tile Machine

Terrazzo Tile Machine Introduction

Man-machine interface of terrazzo tile making machine uses Mitsubishi Japan or Taiwan station “PLC” control system, which adopts color monitor with a microcomputer automatic control program. Besides, the main machine uses pure steel by precision machining.


Standard Operation Of Terrazzo Tile Machine

1.After the supply of power and water, millstone surface separated by the pressure, start the motor of floor tiles mkaing machine. Test the grinding to make sure the direction of rotation and arrow after being properly functioned to be same, and then slow down the mill.

2.The cooling job had better not use the ontinuous cooling water, because we should ensure the task surface is dry.

3. When operation, if any mistake has been discovered, immediately stop the interlocking tiles making machine and check it. After the problem has been solved, strat it again.

4. A change in the new stone should be in wastewater on the stone floor or be grinded 1 ~ 2h to change the appearance of waste cement product. After diamond cutting, grinding, and then participate in the task assignment.

5. Grinding block of the concrete tile making machine must be clamped, and be checked frequently to prevent stone flying off.

6. After operation of cement tiles making machine, cut off the power, clean all parts of the slurry, put them in a dry place and covered with rain wear.


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