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Raw Materials Ratio Of Terrazzo Floor Tiles

Introduction Of Raw Materials Mixing

Raw materials used for terrazzo floor tile produced by floor tiles making machine must be mixed by mixer, and stirring time is during 5-10 minutes. Terrazzo tile making machine production line with mixer can meet the above requirements, mixing materials with cement of 50 kg per time (a package) as a benchmark.



Raw Materials Ratio Of Terrazzo Floor Tiles

Original Material Specification Requirements Dosage(kg) For Note
Water mud 425 # ordinary or slag cement 50
Yellow Sand Medium sand, fineness modulus of Mx = 2.3 3.0 80—100 According to the quality of the sand
Admixture Efficient, early strength water reducer 0.5—1.0 According to the different varieties of mortar is determined
Fly ash etc. After the test qualified industrial waste residue 10—30

According to the test to determine the specific content

* Bone-Glue Ratio: (cement, aggregate) in 1:1. 5-2.0 (weight ratio).
* Water-Cement Ratio (water: cement): 1-0.25-0.35. Depending on the varieties of concrete admixtures. Water should not be too much, otherwise it will cause the loose of concrete tile mold. If the moisture is too little, material liquidity will be poor, which will reduce the appearance quality of the terrazzo floor tile produced by concrete tile making machine.
* Silt content of materials had better not be larger than 1.0%, otherwise it will affect the quality of the products.


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