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PLC Description Of Floor Tiles Making Machine

PLC Has a Self-Test And Self-Diagnosis Function

When failure of floor tiles making machine external line occures, there is no much worry, because the PLC has a self-test and self-diagnosis function, we can take the appropriate measures to save it.

Main Process Of PLC Self-Test And Self-Diagnosis

The main process of cement tiles machine PLC self-test and self-diagnosis function: to conduct a general inspection and find out the general direction, and then determine faults location. We must fully understand the failure and analyze reasons for the failures, troubleshooting. Besides, regularly carry out checks and maintenance of PLC systems can also reduce the incidence of failure.

Four Major Points Of PLC Maintenance:

1. Regular maintenance of interlocking tiles making machine PLC systems, the time is about half a year, which also can be shortened according to the situation.
2. Check and make sure the connection points with no wobbles, falling off, or oxidation phenomena, and keep the environment of PLC clean.
3. Check the important vulnerable parts or modules to minimize system downtime.
4. As for complex user program, you must keep a copy in case of program loss.

Floor Tiles Making Machine Manufacturer

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