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Operation Steps Of Concrete Tile Making Machine

Mixing Of Concrete Tile Making Machine

The operation steps of concrete tile making machine in concrete tile production process can be summed up in four simple steps: mixing, pressing, curing and demoulding. Mixing refers to mix the material including cement, sand, pigment in order for 1.5 minutes in the mixer, and then add water to mix additive for about 3-5 minutes.


Pressing Of Concrete Tile Making Machine

It is worth noting that separate the mixing mortar into the surface layer and the underlying layer before the initial setting. Repression refers to moulding of floor tiles making machine, putting mortar into clean mold, it is best to disable release agents, so that the cement tiles making machine can affect the color. Suppress mortar at surface layer, then press and add the underlying mortar.


Curing Of Concrete Tile Making Machine

Measurement of the surface layer and the underlying mortar had better not be shared. Conservation is the maintenance for the interlocking tile of interlocking tiles making machine, terrazzo tile together with mold in the rack. After 3-5 days of nature conservation (not water), the temperature will remain constant, remember that do not let water into the tile surface stains.


Demoulding Of Concrete Tile Making Machine

Release refers to the nature conservation is good for color tiles from mold storage, they must be handled with care. Storage requirements on the terrazzo tile machine must be done strictly according to factory requirement.


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