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Notes For The Operation Of Floor Tile Machine

Do not arbitrarily replace parts of the cement tile machine. Main parts should be regularly lubricated with oil; please confirm the power of floor tiles making machine used Waji. This equipment adopts three-phase fourr-wire line for ground zero, earth leakage protection. When operation, the cement tile machine should not head hands through the straps of the runways. Please do not touch the heater with hands directly.


When the concrete tile making machine is not in use, you’d better bring storage warehouse band roll-back of reel to avoid deformation when next time use. Lost wheel surfaces should not stick oil. Do not rinse the terrazzo tile machine, othserwise it will be wet at the workplace, and the operators should not go barefoot.


The mortar paste of traditional construction methods have been widely used for years, especially the oblique ridge, roof, gutters and eaves part. And they are still very applicable now on certain buildings. But special attention is required that the effectiveness of the cement paste to a large extent depends on the workers and accidental factors, if quality of construction management and construction are poor, they may endanger public safety. Finally, tiled bar and the nails of the interlocking tile making machine should be actively installed.

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