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Measures For Terrazzo Tile Machine When Not In Production

Why To Protect Terrazzo Tile Machine When Not In Production

What are the protective measures for terrazzo tile machine when it is not in production? Usually, it is in the process of normal use. However, if you meet or enter the busy farming season or cold day in winter, generally the machine will be stopped to rest. And you need to take the necessary protective measures, otherwise, it can cause damage to the floor tiles making machine.
So you must know what should be done well during the shutdown of the cement tile machine.


Protective Measures For Terrazzo Tile Machine When Not In Production

1, During shutdown, put the concrete tile machine to higher place, which can avoid rain water, keeping in the dry place.
2, All of the motor, reducer must be covered with waterproof clothes in order to prevent rain water from entering the reducer, causing leakage or rust.
3, Hydraulic pump station of the equipment should also be covered good waterproof cloth, preventing rain water from entering the oil system.
4, The mould of interlocking tiles making machine has to be properly taken care, and painted anticorrosive paint.
5, The host should be brushed a layer of oil to prevent rust, then covered with waterproof cloth.


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