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Hydraulic Oil Plays An Important Role For Concrete Tile Machinie

Hydraulic Oil Is Quite Important For Concrete Tile Machinie

The smooth blood circulation can ensure the normal live and work for human. Similarly, the hydraulic oil is also quite important for the normal operation of concrete tile making mchine, which can not be ignored. So that we have to pay more attention to matters relating to the cement tiles machine and hydraulic oil.

How To Keep The Hydraulic Oil Temperature

Temperature of hydraulic oil influences the efficiency of interlocking tiles making machine, so how to keep the temperature?
1. The normal working temperature of the oil is between 30 ~ 60℃, and can reach 85 ℃.
2. Tank top should be kept clean, without any clutter and dust.
3. The oil level should be adjusted in a timely manner as required.
4. The fuel tank of terazzo tile machine need bo be cleaned before putting into use. And it should be cleaned every six months to ensure there are no dust, debris, etc.
5. The cooling circulation water shall be in sufficient, and the water leakage should be processed in a timely manner. Remember that cooling water should be cleaned in winter.

The Protection Of Hydraulic Oil Is Very Important

The protection of hydraulic oil can reduce damage for floor tiles making machine. It the hydraulic oil is clogged with impurities, the machine will operetaed slowly which will increase the breathing resistance resulting in vibration and noise.


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