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How To Standardize The Operation Of Cement Tile Machine?

Cement Tile Machine Operation Is Important

As one of the most common machinery in the building industry, cement tile making machine operation is very important. So how to standardize the operation of this equipment?

Standardize The Operation Of Cement Tile Machine

1.During the operation of concrete tile making machine, no tools and hand drum are needed to avoid accidents.

2. Before starting the operation, check and make sure the clutch, brake and wire rope are good. Besides, ensure there is no foreign in the drum of interlocking tiles making machine.

3. When using the mixer, it should be put in a solid place. And a frame or a supporting frame of the foot is also needed, do not replace the support of tires.

4. Check the hydraulic system, the oil pipeline and the hydraulic pressure station of floor tiles making machine.

5. Avoid the oil temperature is too high, which will affect the performance of the equipment.

6. When the terrazzo tile making machine is overhauling, you should fix the hopper and cut off the power supply.

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