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How To Solve The Crack Problem In Terrazzo Tile Production

Crack Problems In Terrazzo Tile Production

Terrazzo tile production of the terrazzo tile machine need to take some quality control measures to ensure that its appearance, strength and hardness can reach quality indicators. The users should be wary of the crack and uneven problems on the appearance quality control. The dealing measures are as follows.


How To Solve The Crack Problem In Terrazzo Tile Production

1, check the ratio of materials of cement tiles making machine. If the cement dosage is too much, water cement ratio is appropriate, the amount of sand or mud is too big, and sand particle size is too fine, grading is reasonable (sand particle size is not consistent, it is better for thick, fine).

2, check the production process of interlocking tile making machine. Focus on forming after demoulding. Besides, handling is appeared in the process of vibration.

3, check the mechanism of concrete tile machine curing conditions. Cement is hydraulic material, and it need some water in its hardening process. If you have the condition, you can build a steam room (or pool) for maintenance.
As long as strictly abide by the implementation of the above measures, and strict comply with production operation specification, crack problem in floor tiles making machine production will be completely avoided.


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