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How To Handle Air In The Hydraulic Stytem Of Cement Tile Machine

How To Handle Air Problem In The Hydraulic Stytem Of Cement Tile Machine

If there’s air in the hydraulic system of the cement tile making machine, what are the reasons and how to deal with this problem? Yuxi floor tiles making machine manufacturer will introduce 4 solutions about this.


Reasons And Solutions Of The Air Problem In The Hydraulic Stytem Of Cement Tile Machine

1. Check whether the suction pipe of oil pump or suction inlet flange is leakage. If there is no leak, air inside the pipe might not be completely removed. But the aire can be excluded according to the following method.
For the oil pump of concrete tile making machine, use the proportional valve to regulate the flow to the maximum, and adjust the pressure to 2-3MP, then romove the flow and pressure which are next to the vent screw, exhausting the air slowly until completely removed.


2.Cause: Oil level of oil tank is too low.
Troubleshooting: Add hydraulic oil to the proper oil level.


3. Cause: There is some water into the hydraulic oil of the interlocking tiles machine or the oil is deterioration.
Troubleshooting: Replace the hydraulic oil in the oil tank. ( Before the replacement, use filter screen for cleaning.)


4.Cause: The plum blossom cushion between the pump and motor is wear.
Troubleshooting: Replace the plum blossom cushion of terrazzo tile machine.


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