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Component Requirement For Interlocking Tiles Machine

1.The cam material of upper spindle grinding head of interlocking tiles machine should not be less than GB/T699 about 45 steel demand and tempering treatment.
2.Gear materials of grinding head should not be lower than about 45 steel requirements stated in the GB/T699. And the quenching tempering is against, with quenched hardness of HB217~HB255. The quenched hardness of cement tiles machine can be HRC45~HRC52.
3.Plane tolerances of rack table surface is about 0.2MM per square.
4.The radial runout of shaft axis of concrete tile machine upper grinding head spindle is with the shaft bearing, which has a common axis of tolerance and should not be less than GB/T1184.
5.Assembly, as for the upper drive sleeve of floor tiles making machine, grinding head shaft axis and the axis of the bore of bearing position has a common axis of radial runout, and its tolerance grade is not less than GB/T1184.
6. The grinding head of terrazzo tile machine and upper two-bearing hole concentricity tolerance should not be less than GB/T1184.
7. The head-by-power idle runs smoothly, with no significant vibration, no abnormal noise, free running. Besides, the grinding wheel bearing end cover surface temperature should rise no less than 40k.

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