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Cement Tiles Making Machine Models And Specifications

Cement Tiles Making Machine Introduction

With the changing in market demand, more and more consumers are keen to purchase cement tiles making machine. The cement interlocking tiles machine produced by Yuxi Machine is a kind of large moulded tile making machine, which can produce large size cement tiles and has its own unique advantages.


Cement Tiles Making Machine Models And Specifications

Sizes of cement tiles are usually 980x640x15mm and 1230x640x15mm, which are two of the more common kinds of specifications producing by terrazzo tile machine. The insulation performance of cement color tile is better and are more convenient construction, which makes it popular in the North. Currently, there are three ways to make cement tiles appearing on the market: 1, plastic molding by hand; 2, suppress molding production by machinery; 3, computerized moulded production of concrete tile making machine.


Trusty Cement Tiles Making Machine Manufacturer

Yuxi floor tiles making machine manufacturer adopts hydraulic computer-controlled pneumatic mortar concrete by press molding. The ultra-high pressure molding of large tonnage can effectively guarantee high yield, perfect structure, wide varieties, high density and strength, accurate dimension, which can meet the needs of various types of construction.

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