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How To Maintain Terrazzo Tile Making Machine?

The Reason For Maintaining Terrazzo Tile Making Machine

After a period of time using, each machine will appear all sorts of problems, and the terrazzo tile making machine also can not be exceptional. But how the maintain concrete tiles machine before and during the operation?

How To Maintain Terrazzo Tile Making Machine?

● Before the start of floor tile making machine, firstly check whether the oil level of hydraulic system is normal; whether proximity switch and limit device is fastened; whether manual and automatic circulation is normal; whether the electromagnetic valve is in the original position. Open cooling water, starting the discharge water after shutdown.

● In the workbench before starting the concrete tile making machine, guide rail is put on the surface, the guide pin is on the sliding surface of the inner surface, mould and sliding surface surround the lining board, the movement of ejection device combines surface filling lubricating oil; the movement parts join any loose, if loose phenomenon found, immediately tighten.

● In the process of cement tiles making machine operation, keep observing the running status of each system and the quality situation of moulding tile, If any unusual is discovered, immediately stop, after abnormal being ruled out, boot up again.

● If it is found that the filter cloth blocked or damaged, it must be timely flushed or replaced, to ensure the quality of moulding tile.

● It is necessary to check the terrazzo tile machine and eliminate security risks every other week.

● During the working, each component has its own normal temperature range. Such as general cooling water temperature is 80-90℃, hydraulic oil temperature of hydraulic transmission system is 30-60℃, less than or more than this range will accelerate component wear, resulting in deterioration of lubricating oil, causing changes in material properties.

● Clean the machine every day to reduce the influence of impurities on the machine. Mechanical impurities generally refer to dust, soil, etc., or metal filing and wear debris self-generated during operation. If they enter the interlocking tiles making machine interior, there will be great harm, not only to make the relative motion block, accelerate component wear, but also to have the surface scratches, damage lubricating oil film, resulting in the increase of parts temperature and lubricant deterioration.

● It is necessary for bearing maintenance to maintain lubricity every few days.

● Regularly check whether there are loose diamond blocks or not, avoiding damage to the cement tile machine out of shape.

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