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How To Choose Plant Site For Terrazzo Tile Machine?

Why To Choose Plant Site For Terrazzo Tile Machine?

For users who investment terrazzo tile machine plant, generally they will focus on its price, product quality, market conditions and other issues. But they often ignore an important problem, site selection. In order to facilitate post-production, how to choose plant site of floor tiles making machine is quite important.

Site Selection For Terrazzo Tile Machine Plant Should Meet The Following Requirements:

1, In line with the requirements of national, regional, and urban and rural;
2, To meet project supply for raw materials, energy, water and labor, requirements for production technology and marketing;
3, Saving and efficiency principles, try to reduce construction investment, save transportation costs and increase profits;
4, With the principle of security, prevention for flood, earthquake and geological disaster;
5, Save land for the project, try not to occupy or less accounted for farmland;
6, Be attention to environmental protection, people-oriented, reduce the impact on the ecology and the environment.

In Addition To Meet The Basic Conditions, Site Selection For Terrazzo Tile Machine Plant Should Meet Some Other Requirements:

First, the site location requirements for concrete tile making machine plant:
1, As close as possible to the cement, sand, slag raw materials, producing area and product sales area of fuel;
2, To avoid high-voltage transmission lines, without the pressure on urban underground pipeline;
3, Be away from an important railway hub, large bridges, large oil storage, important military projects, airports and other strategic objectives;

Second, cement tiles making machine plant on the site area requirements:
1, Should meet the land requirements and environmental conditions of the production area, waste treatment plants and other facilities;
2, Take leaving appropriate land for development into account.

Third, the terrain requirements for interlocking tiles making machine plant:
1, To meet the production process flow and transport arrangement requirements, and have appropriate space for development;
2, Keep away from the effects of floods, tidal and other natural disasters, and the threat from large-scale dam break.
3, The plant site appearance should be as easy as possible, the terrain slope should not be too large, to reduce the amount of earthwork;
4, Account for no or less of farmland and woodland, less houses demolition or other buildings.

Fourth, the transport requirements for terrazzo tile making machine plant:
1, Have an easy connection with road, railway and wharf outside the factory to minimize the amount of transportation & construction projects;
2, Convenient transportation, smooth and convenient.

Site Selection For Terrazzo Tile Machine Plant Has a Lot Of Advantages

The site selection for concrete floor tile machine plant is complex in the early stage, however, a good plant site will be very beneficial for later production. For example, be close to the site of raw materials, transportation of raw materials can save a lot of costs. Therefore, we must take all above factors into account for site selection, choose the most suitable plant site of terrazzo tile machine.

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