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Daily Maintenance For Hydraulic System Of Concrete Tile Machine

Daily Maintenance Is Necessary For Hydraulic system of concrete tile machine

We all know that the floor tile making machine has a hydraulic system, which includes oil pump, filters, hydraulic circuit and various control valves. Under normal circumstances the mechanical part of concrete tile making machine will not have any problem, and the proper use and regular maintenance of the hydraulic system are more important, it determines that during the production of concrete tiles, whether hydraulic system is smooth, which is very critical.

How To Do The Daily Maintenance For Hydraulic System Of Concrete Tile Machine

The first is to clean the filter of terrazzo tile machine, which includes
√ Every time when changing oil, filters should be replaced or thorough cleaning;
√ Regular inspection, it had better be changed once a year;
√ When an exception occurs or the oil is not clean, the filter should be replaced.

The cleaning for hydraulic components of cement tile machine are as follows:

√ Hydraulic components (base plate, valve, motor, pump, oil pipe and so on) of cement tile machine should be cleaned once a month, and prevent dirt into the system, but cleaning agent cannot be used for cleaning;
√ If the new machine has used for over one month, check whether there is any deformation on the oil pipe bend, and it must be changed if abnormal. Use two months later, tighten the joint of all parts. All the work above should be done when machine is shutdown, with no system pressure.

The third part is the hydraulic circuit of cement tile making machine

√ Check oil level of fuel tank every week, even when the hydraulic system maintenance has been done. Add hydraulic oil when oil level is below oil window.
√ The system oil temperature is between 35~60 degrees, cannot exceed 70 degrees, which may lead deterioration and damage of oil and spare parts;
√ After 2000 hours’ work of new cement tile making machine, should change the oil. And then change the oil after every 4000~6000hours’ work. Clean the tank when changing oil.

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