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The Production Procedures Of Terrazzo Tile Machine

Terrazzo Tile Machine Introduction

Terrazzo tile machine can be used to produce various top-grade colorful tiles. Mortar and concrete are pressed and filtrated to form the tile molds which have high intensity, strong strength and precise dimension. And the concrete tile machine also can meet different construction requirements.


Terrazzo Tile Machine Working principle

√ Iron pallets or moulds are coated with a thin film of release oil.
√ Then the pallets are individually indexed through the floor tiles making machine by a hydraulic cylinder.
√ The concrete mix is sent into the extrusion head of hopper box.
√ The concrete is forced between the double packing shaft and extrusion die system in order to form and compact every newly produced tile onto the surface of a pallet.
√ The individual terrazzo tiles, still on their pallets, are removed from the outfeed rails of the interlocking tiles machine and placed in racks for curing.


Work Flow Of Terrazzo Tile Machine

The production procedure of cement tiles machine is showed in the following.
Elevating– Mixing– Fixed– Quantity filling– Pressure forming — Mould unloading — Forming tiles — Onto the tiles shelf — Stacking — Curing (24 hours) — Polishing — Finished products.


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