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The Importance Of Mould For Cement Tiles Machine

Mould Is Important For Cement Tiles Machine

The press and molding of terrazzo tiles are mainly depended on the host of cement tiles machine production line, and the mould is an important component of the part. All the details of mould directly affect the quality, molding, size stability, compliance, surface smoothness, materials quality, etc. of the products of floor tiles making machine.


The Advantages Of Mould Of Cement Tiles Machine

The mould of concrete tile machine adopts Cr12 and other special mould steel materials, made through the process of forging, milling, cutting, grinding, engraving and quenching. And it has the advantages of high accuracy, high strength, good wear-resisting performance, durable and no distortion.


Mold Maintenance Is Essential For Cement Tiles Machine

Of course, although our mould is calculated by the technical precision and made of good raw materials, it can also be damaged if without normal operation according to the instructions. Usually the mold maintenance is essential for interlocking tiles machine, in order to prolong its service life and produce qualified terrazzo tiles.


Trusty Cement Tiles Machine Manufacturer

The terrazzo tile machines provided by Yuxi are designed professional and reliable, with quality guaranteed and long service life. Our machines have a good evaluation in the industry, which are Germany-made and trustworthy.


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