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The Effect Of Raw Material On Concrete Tile Machine

Raw Material For Concrete Tile Machine

The concrete tile machine has an important significance on current market economy. The terrazzo tiles are mainly used as ground building materials. And the raw material for this equipment is mainly the mixture of lime, cement, admixtures and water, and the other main raw materials for floor tiles making machine only need to meet the uniform requirements the fineness and size.


Raw Material Will Affect Production Of Concrete Tile Machine

Sometimes we may find that the products of terrazzo tile machine can not satisfy us, which may caused by the raw materials. Yuxi will introduce the effect of raw material on the whole production of the equipment.


How Does Raw Material Affect Concrete Tile Machine?

1. The quality of lime has a relatively large effect on cement tiles machine quality. You’d better choose the lime with high calcium content and faster digestion.
2. Mix with 10% of the 425 # Portland cement to improve the strength and water resistance of terrazzo tiles and prevent cracking phenomenon.
3. The addition of a small amount of admixture can not only improve the strength of tiles, but also can reduce the amount of cement, in order to reduce customer cost of interlocking tiles machine production.
4. The water content can not only affect the strength of terrazzo tiles after molding, but also affect the molding rate and products appearance.


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