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The Advantages Of Terrazzo Tile Machine

Terrazzo Tile Machine Features

The terrazzo tile machine of Yuxi adopts PLC programmable controller, with the features of fast molding speed, large output, convenient and fully-automatic operation, etc. With data input and output, the floor tiles making machine can realize self-diagnostic, etc.


Advantages Of Terrazzo Tile Machine Products

As the multifunctional equipment, the cement tiles machine can be used for producing various kinds of floor tiles by changing the molds. And the terrazzo tiles are featured by various pictures, vivid flower pattern, diversiform colors, high density& intensity, great anti-skid performance, etc. Besides, the products of concrete tile machine have smooth surface and stable performance.


Product Specification Of Terrazzo Tile Machine Products

The product specification of Yuxi interlocking tiles machine can be 1500*1000, 1000*1000, 800*800, 600*600, 500*500, 400*400, 300*300, 250*250, 300*600mm and so on. And all of the thickness of terrazzo tiles can be adjustable according to the customers’ demand.


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