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Technical Characteristics Of Interlocking Tiles Machine

Features Of Interlocking Tiles Machine And The Products

Yuxi interlocking tiles machine has fast molding speed, large output, reliable performance, PLC automatic control and convenient operation. The products of this equipment have high density, high strength, low water permeability, less damage and dimensional accuracy. Besides, the terrazzo tile machine products are featured by various pictures, vivid flower pattern, diversiform colors, great anti-skid performance, etc.


What Are The Technical Characteristics Of Interlocking Tiles Machine?

♥ Structure Design
Concrete tile machine uses clean steel material, cold-drawn steel and surface adopts hard chrome plating. Hydraulic system of interlocking tiles making machine uses original design for manifold block, exclusive gear ring turntable design to increase the stability, so location is more accurate.
♥ Guide posts
Use special steel and fine manufacturing. After hard chromium plating and special processing, the surface is with high abrasion resistance.
♥ Products
Obtain different sizes and types of tiles just by changing mould of cement tiles machine.
♥ Feeding systems
Doser of floor tiles making machine adopts sensing pneumatic drive technology, uses air cylinder for mixer feed and graduated cylinder ration. The feeding has high accuracy & less error.
♥ Operation Design
PLC automatically control, hydraulic and pneumatic integrated unit; shift capacity is around 3000pcs per day, needing 2-3 worker.


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