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New-Type Floor Tile Polishing Machine Advantages

New-Type Floor Tile Polishing Machine Introduction

New-Type concrete floor tile polishing machine is widely used in all kinds of square or approximate square floor tile. With wide applicable specifications, it can grinding and polishing a variety of square or approximate square, etc. Compared to other grinding and polishing equipment, automatic polishing machine has 9 advantages as follows.


New-Type Floor Tile Polishing Machine Advantages

1. The design of terrazzo tile polishing machine is unique, molding is novel and attractive, which is completely different to the same purpose products.
2. High degree of automation, ingenious structure, simple operation, good quality, easy to maintenance, need only one operator.
3. All of conversion workstation, mill pressure, water supply, etc., realize automation. Coarse, medium and fine grinding and polishing, etc. can be done by one-time.
4. Hydraulic transmission structure is with small volume, light weight, low noise and low energy consumption.
5. The grinding head rotates with the spin of terrazzo tile, and thus grinding polishing effect is significantly improved.
6. Quick change structure designed on a millstone, reducing wear and tear of grinding block and the fast and convenient replacement after accidental breakage.
7. Environmental protection is free from contamination, working condition is with no water splash and dust float in the sky. In order to improve the working environment of workers and solve the serious problem which effects the workers’ health.
8. High production efficiency, and it is the original number of products with the same purpose.
9. Wide varieties, applying to all kinds of natural stone material, grinding stone, refractory material and steel grinding and polishing.


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