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Methods To Improve Output Of Interlocking Tiles Machine

How To Improve Output Of Interlocking Tiles Machine?

During the operation of interlocking tiles machine, many details can not ignored. And the methods to improve the output of the equipment also depends on the details. Yuxi summarize these details for you.


Four Details To Improve Output Of Interlocking Tiles Machine

1. First of all, when operating floor tiles making machine, each step should be strictly in accordance with the operating standards. This is one of the skills to ensure the output.
2. The proportion of raw materials should be reasonable to prohibit the use of expired, tide and excessive. And storage process should not be time to agglomerate raw materials.
3. When terrazzo tile machine is feeding, the process should maintain uniformity, and the large materials should not be mixed into the raw material. The materials that more than 2 cm in diameter need to be picked out, especially iron and other hard objects, easily damaged mechanical parts.
4. The parameters for the computer control cabinet of cement tiles machine are not free to adjust, and you should not hit the screen with a hard object. Do the fire prevention and moistureproof jobs, keep the clean of work area.
5. Strictly control the time and frequency of vibration, and adjust the feed volume. Each procedure should be normal and orderly, shout down the concrete tile machine when abnormal sound, loose screws and other abnormalities occur.


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