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Improve The Efficiency Of Floor Tiles Making Machine

How To Win The Competition In Floor Tiles Making Machine Market?

With the economic development, market prospect of floor tiles making machine is considerable. The development of urban infrastructure construction uses a large number of terrazzo tiles, which drives the development of terrazzo tile machine. The fierce market competition puts forward higher requirements for the manufacturers, so how to improve the working efficiency of the equipment?


Four Methods To Improve The Efficiency Of Floor Tiles Making Machine

1.In the run-in period of new concrete tile machine, it is necessary to pay attention to regularly add lubricating oil for the parts needing to be lubricated. Regular cleaning and maintenance are also necessary.

2. Every time before the operation of interlocking tiles machine, check whether there is abnormal phenomenon in the equipment or there is adhesion of the material. And the feed, pressure, stripping, moving blanks and other actions should be flexible, reliable positioning.

3. During the production, do not move the computer control cabinet optionally. Pay attention to the motor and oil temperature; Make sure circuit switches, connectors, operating buttons and motors are good.

4. After the cement tiles machine operation, timely clean-up the attached materials in mold box, pressure hopper, feed hopper, storage hopper and mixer.


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