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How To Reduce Maintenance Rate For Terrazzo Tile Machine?

The Most Important Topics About Terrazzo Tile Machine

During the process of terrazzo tile machine, how to improve production efficiency and reduce maintenance rate are two of the most important topics that customers most concerned about. Today Yuxi will summary the solution for this problem.

Six Methods To Reduce Maintenance Rate For Terrazzo Tile Machine

1. First of all, if you want to purchase high quality interlocking tiles machine, you should buy from regular manufacturers which can ensure the quality of equipment and after-sale service.
2. The operators should be proficient and meticulous in the operation of concrete tile machine technology, ensuring the production.
3. The maintenance for the equipment should be done carefully. Before, during and after the operation, every detail can not be ignored. And the clean and moisture-proof work are also essential.
4. Ensure the operating system of floor tiles making machine to be normal, and lubrication is also necessary. Check the rotation system regularly, if any abnormalities occur, shut down the equipment in time.
5. Before start the cement tiles machine, feeding is prohibited. Do not feed too large materials and foreign matter into the feed inlet, and the machine should not overload. The runtime should be in accordance with the detailed provisions.
6. The fineness and the ratio of raw materials should be in strict accordance with the requirements of standards. It is not allowed to change the control system parameters.



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