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How To Maintain Floor Tiles Making Machine In Winter?

It’s Necessary To Maintain Floor Tiles Making Machine In Winter

The floor tiles making machine is the professional equipment to produce floor tiles, which is very popular. Many machinery needs to stop production in winter, otherwise it will affect the quality of products. However, if the climate environment allows the use of interlocking tiles machine in the winter for production, maintenance work must be done in place.


Four Methods To Maintain Floor Tiles Making Machine In Winter

1. Keep a good clean-up habit after the work. Every time after operation, the cement tiles machine should be power off, and the circuit should be grounded to ensure safety.

2. During the process of terrazzo tile machine production line, the materials should be used up, and cleaned up to to prevent the material solidification which can affect the normal operation of the machine. Besides, the water should be run out to prevent freezing at low temperatures at night in winter.

3. The concrete before freezing contains a lot of water, and its volume will be much larger when it’s frozen. And then it will be not solid and strong. So the temperature of concrete tile machine plant can not be too low.

4. The condenser must be used for the hydraulic station in the summer. Otherwise oil heats which affects the normal operation. So we need to add oil and replace it timely. The replacement of oil filter should be based on the instructions of the flood controller, or hydraulic system will cause failure.


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