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How To Choose Hydraulic Oil For Terrazzo Tile Machine

The Selection Of Hydraulic Oil Is Important For terrazzo Tile Machine

The core of the terrazzo tile machine is hydraulic system, which plays an important role in the entire production. So the selection of hydraulic oil can not be ignored. Yuxi will teach customers how to choose the suitable hydraulic oil.


Six Methods To Choose Suitable Hydraulic Oil For Terrazzo Tile Machine

1.First of all, you should buy the hydraulic oil from the regular manufacturers with quality assurance, and had better not buy low price hydraulic oil with low quality.

2.The type of hydraulic oil should be based on the specified label and type of the hydraulic system according to hydraulic mixer manufacturers, while reading the instructions. And correct replacement of hydraulic oil for interlocking tiles machine.

3. Hydraulic oil with different brands or batches should not be mixed to prevent the impact of the normal work of the hydraulic system of concrete tile machine.

4. Be skillful to identify poor quality hydraulic oil, which has the performance of color turbidity, high viscosity, impurities, high moisture content and so on.

5.The poor quality hydraulic oil has solid block, white wax, etc., which can not be used for floor tiles making machine.

6.The unqualified hydraulic oil will speed up the wear rate of hydraulic components, reducing its service life and appearing abnormal sound situation of cement tiles machine.


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