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How Long To Customize Concrete Tile Machine Mould?

Yuxi Supplies Concrete Tile Machine Mould To Meet The Market Needs

The mould of concrete tile machine is indispensable parts during the normal production process. With more and more customers have the demand for terrazzo tile machine, more and more manufacturers provide lots of equipment for their selection. Yuxi supplies a wide range of moulds to meet the needs of the market.


Production Process And Period Of Concrete Tile Machine Mould

How long does it take to produce the interlocking tiles machine mould? The following is a brief introduction of the Yuxi technical department.
The production of the floor tiles making machine mould is divided into the following steps. Firstly, you should choose the frame, and then select suitable material. And if the customer need casting customization, ageing treatment is also needed. After selecting the material, it also need a series of processing technology including rough machining, carburizing treatment, finish machining, etc. The entire processing technology takes about 10 days or so, together with the logistics of delivery time. So each new user should order basically 15 days ahead of time when customizing cement tiles machine mould, so as not to delay the production of time.


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