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Features Of Concrete Tile Machine

Concrete Tile Machine Working Principle

The concrete tiles are made through a pressing process by concrete tile machine, which also enables different design or pattern types to be made on the tile surface, in order to improve the aesthetic appeal for your potential concrete tile range even further.


Concrete Tile Machine Features

1. The cement tiles machine is easy to operate and maintain.
2. Imported hydraulic components of terrazzo tile machine are adopted in hydraulic system, and the pressure can be adjusted. Besides, it also adopts precise control components action.
3. By using “program-controlled” transmission positioning, the equipment has the advantages of stable transmission and accurate setting.
4. High molding speed and large capacity, high rate of finished products, reliable performance and best cost-performance ratio. The interlocking tiles machine is equipped with PLC computer control which is imported from Japanese Mitsubishi and HMI system. All processes are automatic and designed in modules.
5. Low cost, high pay back. Only one or two ordinary workers will be enough, the floor tiles making machines are in large demand with high pay back.


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