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Customized Service In Terrazzo Tile Machine Industry

Now Customized Service Is Popular In Terrazzo Tile Machine Industry

Before the year of 2014, the terrazzo tile machines always adopted the basic mould specification and patterns to produce terrazzo tiles, which are almost all the same. From 2015, the concrete tile machine market has many changes, and the personalized and differentiated demands have become the main theme. It also means that customized service will be more and more popular in cement tiles machine industry.


How To Provide Customized Service For Terrazzo Tile Machine?

As we all know, the floor tiles making machine is the moulding equipment with high precision degree and highly automatic of hydraulic operating system. And the mould is the key part for the equipment. The entire process of interlocking tiles machine can be customized to produce terrazzo tiles with special specifications and patterns according to the customers’ demand.


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